RAX infrastructure is housed in a Tier 4 facility (Equinix) based out of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Power Feed

The facility has a scalable power infrastructure with the highest level of reliability. It offers a minimum of N+1 redundancy for every power system element and delivers the highest possible power quality and uptime. The data center operates four independent power feeds @10kVA from two separate 110 kVA grid sub-stations and has two redundant power transformation units. An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) system, produced by Siemens, reconfigures low voltage power sourcing, upon outages or excessive high urgencies fed into the UPS groups. Manual electrical power source selection system @ 10kV is in place, in case of need to switchover different power feeds.

Diesel Generators

A Backup group of synchronized diesel generators in N+1 grade of redundancy provides power backup. All IT components are also grounded for both equipment and occupant’s safety. The Main Power Distribution Units (A&B) and the floor PDUs (A&B) are based on ABB. All power cable paths and systems are fully A+B redundant, using separate cable trays, routes, with all PDU’s, ATS and equipment separated physically in different rooms

UPS & Batteries

AEG’s SVS series UPS system provide the two separate groups each with N+1 redundancy. Each UPS unit has it's own dedicated battery string with Exide’s batteries sized for 20 min backup time at full load.

Cooling Equipment

  • Redundant N+1 100 kW CyberAir2 systems CRAC units by Stulz
  • Redundant 1+1 circulation pumps with variable frequency drive motors by Grundfoss
  • Redundant Guentner dry cooler plant at the roof
  • Redundant monitoring and controls
  • Dual A+B power to all components

Access & Security

HID iClass DG access cards for all doors. 24/7 CCTV camera monitoring of the DC rooms and doors in the data center.

The facility features BOSCH fire detection and suppression system with laser-based Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA). It also has:

Our data center features fault-tolerant site infrastructure and 99.995% (virtually 100%) availability. This allows RAX to offer a premium Service level Agreement (SLA) and 24/7/365 onsite NOC management support.


Cabinets in the data center's server room

Rittal 42U 19” IT cabinets (2000 x 600 x 1000 mm), individual key locks and pathways.


Four independent electrical feeds @10kVA, to two (2) different 110 kVA grid sub-stations

The power is delivered by 4 power feeds @10kVA, to 2 110 kVA grid sub-stations.


Diesel generators

Diesel generators, which take on in case of failure of the power distribution public utility systems.


Power batteries

Exide batteries sized for 20 min backup time at full load.


Circulation pumps of the cooling system

Redundant 1+1 circulation pumps with variable frequency drive motors by Grundfoss.


fire Suppression System

Zoned, gaseous based fire suppression system with environment and humane friendly NAF S 125 gas agent.