Managed Website Hosting

How much money do you spend on website management and technical support? How much do you pay per month to keep your website information, software versions and website pages up to date? Have you calculated what is the cost to have well optimized website pages, so the Search Engines can rank them high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)? Please calculate all the website management costs and come back to and review our Managed Website Hosting service plans.

Then call us or sign up for one of the Managed Website services listed below. We promise that we will boost your productivity, increase the overall value of your website and your revenue through better technical and system administration. Our Managed Website plans drive business to you!

  • System & Technical Administration
  • System Hardening
  • Optimized Website & More Visitors
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per month
Managed Websites

Managed Website Service Plans

Management Service

6 hours/year technical administration.

Number of Managed Websites

Hosting & Management of 1 website.

Fault-Tolerant Storage

20 GB SSD storage with built-in data protection.

SSL Certificate

Domain Validated SSL (cPanel AutoSSL).

Technical Administration

CMS Support, HTML editing, system hardening, software apps updates, SEO consulting.
from €35.28/mo

Three important reasons to use Managed Website

Website & Business Development

RAX develops the digital part of your business, provides technical support for website and account, advises you on conceptual development of your web based business.

Business Continuity

Our Managed Website Hosting services help you to develop and maintain your website and dot-com business in a way that you are always a step ahead of your competitors.

Proactive Management

If any of your apps or installations needs to be updated, if there is any vulnerability to be fixed RAX does it without taking your time and without any management effort at your end.

All Managed Website Hosting plans include

High Availability

your websitea nd web hostign accounts reside on top of a Cloud COmputing system with technical specifications that guarantee High Availability of your account and all technology services.

100% Secure Data

All hosting accounts, website information and databases are protected by Storage Area Network that features fault-tolerance and built-in protection against data loss. Your data is safe and wll protected in any circumstances.

Bugs & Vulnerability Fixes

Our Managed Website customers are entitled to receive services of highest possible quality. RAX proactively monitors accounts to prevent any interruptions of the web hosting and website services and fixes any errors, result of the day-today use of the software apps and technologies.

24/7 Support

Besides the 24-hour infrastructure (server-side) support of all services, software applications, the Managed Website plans include client-side support of any apps and configurations on your account.

Priority Support

RAX provides customer support, system and technical administrations to our Managed Website Hosting customers with the highest possible priority. We start working on your support tickets immediately after they are received and the resolution time depends on your requirements.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Our business continuity systems monitor the resource usage on your account, data transfer and proactively send notifications when there are any issues or processes which could result in interruption of the services, website or an application downtime.