The quality dedicated technical support of any technology infrastructure is one of the most important conditions to have a high service availability levels and business continuity. When it comes to Cloud Hosting and Clouds Services in any niche, there are two types of technical support - Infrastructure-side Support and Client-side Support (Managed services). Learn more about them below.

Техническа поддръжка

Technical support on RAX Cloud hosting services

The Infrastructure-side (also called "Server-side" technical support) is a process of managing the core infrastructure used to deliver Cloud & Web Hosting services to our clients. It includes management of all software installations and IT services that work on an infrastructure level. The Infrastructure-side support covers: a) RAX Cloud Computing system (a cluster of servers and a storage area network) on which reside our clients websites, applications and servers; b) the physical dedicated servers used by our clients; c) RAX own equipment used to deliver supplemental IT services to our clients; d) all network devices.

Infrastructure Environment Support

RAX Cloud Computing Infrastructure (Cluster of virtualized servers) is built with VMware technology. RAX is a VMware partner vendor (VMware VSPP). We offer the highest possible level of enterprise grade Cloud computing technologies available on the market. These include a native High Availability for each cloud computing instance (server or Cloud-based computer) and Automated Fault-Tolerance, a service that guarantees our customers 100% uptime and business continuity of their Cloud infrastructure.

The Infrastructure-side Support is included in all Cloud and Web Hosting services provided by RAX. All IT services that can not be accessed by our clients are managed by the RAX team. This includes the infrastructure OS and virtualization technologies. In the service class "FT Hosting" (Shared Web Hosting) those are: changes of the root domain, block/unblock the connections from certain IP addresses, adding of PHP extensions, etc. in the service class "Cloud Servers", RAX does initial OS installation, unless we provide the client with a standard uniform procedure to install their preferred OS themselves.

When it comes to the physical Dedicated Server Hosting services, our customers have full access to their machines. Those type of services are provided as "Self-Managed". This means that if there is no Management Service on the clients' accounts, they are responsible for the OS installation on the bare-metal servers we provision and for the subsequent management and system administration of the servers and installed software applications. the Self Managed Dedicated Servers mean that the clients need to monitor their computing instances, using the uptime and data transfer monitoring interface provided by RAX or any 3rd party software application. Our clients are responsible to monitor the used data transfer and to apply certain network security procedures to the servers. On only valid measurement tool of the bandwidth and data transfer are the monitoring and metrics tools provided by RAX, however. RAX does the initial installation of the physical Dedicated Servers, when applicable, with a custom OS and transfers the access to the server to the client with specific configurations. Any subsequent system and technical administration of the clients' Dedicated Servers is their responsibility, unless they have signed up for a Managed Dedicated Server. In services class "Colocation", our customers have a completely control over their equipment. RAX provides them only with a rack space in its IT cabinets, Internet connectivity and certain network settings.

Managed Services & Client-side Management

"Customers' Technology Environment" are all account specific settings, configurations, and software applications that work on your web hosting profiles, cloud and dedicated servers, and collocated equipment. RAX does not have a commitment to commission any work on your account and "Customers' Technology Environment" unless our customers have either subscribed for any Managed Service plan or purchased an adhockor explicitly loaded us with their technical support through the "Management Service" that is available for each class of IT hosting services..

The RAX Shared Web Hosting Services that come with technical and system administration are Managing Websites and WordPress Hosting with Administration. These Managed Web Hosting services include full technical support of the clients' accounts, hosted websites, technical environment including editing HTML code and Open Sources CMS (part of Softaculous software auto-installer library).

Management services are also available with the Cloud Servers , Dedicated Hosting and Colocation. It can be added to the subscription plan either on the Order Page of any product or from the Client's Account at


If you have any questions about the Managed services and the level of technical support and system administration they feature, we will be happy to receive your questions and answer them.



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