RAX (Rax.bg) has been providing rock solid web hosting services since 2000. Find out how we have become one of the best Cloud service and Web hosting provider in Southeast Europe.

Техническа поддръжка

2015 - 2019

RAX is a VMware VSPP partner and offers enterprise grade Cloud infrastructure services powered by VMware Cloud Computing Platform. We have our own infrastructure in 17 data centers in Bulgaria and Europe. On each and every location RAX provides on demand IT Hosting & Cloud services covered by Premium SLA and with highest possible level of data protection.

Since 2012

Since early 2012, Rax.bg has been implementing the best technology concepts and the computing infrastructure solutions for building and managing Cloud and Virtual Data Center. Our company's infrastructure maintains Virtual Data Centers (VDC) that allow us to enter into service both physical or virtual computer instances and resources located in different parts of Europe and worldwide. We manage a VDCs that are built on robust hardware technology with Linux-based software. RAX can easily add computer resources to scale its infrastructure and reassign them to different clients' setups through our VDC infrastructure management Control Panel that automates process management, networking, and provisioning of computing instances. .

2010 - 2012

Since 2010, RAX (formerly FColor) has started changing its infrastructure and business organization in order to adapt to a IT hosting industry model where delivery of computing services is often completely separated from the physical IT infrastructure. One of our most important goals that we have achieved between 2010 and 2012 was to analyze which processes, operations and services are highly profitable for us and at the same would bring the highest possible value to our customers.

When it comes to web hosting service provisioning, between 2010 and 2012 we have made RAX as much independent as possible from the underlying physical infrastructure. We have virtualized all computing services, avoided vendor lock-in technologies and made our production environments hardware and software agnostic. This has allowed bring RAX into a new level. We have also reorganized the workloads and our North American and European NOC operations. As of 2012 raX has had technology teams and workforce on 3 continents, something that made us more flexible and capable of serving customers worldwide.

2008 - 2010

In in early 2009, our team launched the world's first Shared Cloud Hosting IT Infrastructure (IaaS) solution, a multi-server system automated for cPanel. We have used it for almost 2 years until the end of 2010. In early 2011, it was transferred to a partner software development company and then suspended for live environments as due to certain chances in the Linux kernel the performance margins of the system had to be improved.

In 2008, we have began adapting to the emerging model of producing and delivering IT infrastructure services, which has become popular as Cloud Computing. RAX team has started developing our own multi-server cluster system which used Rad Hat Cluster Suite and adding some proprietary server automation management tools. We have managed to create a cluster infrastructure which ran cPanel in a load-balanced multi-node environment. Despite the technological innovation, we are certain that a non-virtualized systems will not be commercially successful because a number of Cloud computing platforms based on virtualization technologies have already proved as successful on the market. so, RAX team has decided to stop developing internally our Shared Cloud Hosting system and to transfer to responsibility to do so to a separate entity as soon as we release a stable beta version. At the end of 2008, we began to migrate our services to the new Shared Cloud Hosting IT Infrastructure, fully automated with cPanel.

2004 - 2008

In 2004, there weren't a solid, robust and commercially successful server automation hosting solution in the hosting industry. There have been cPanel, Ensim, Plesk and few other web hosting control panels, but all of them were immature. The RAX (FColor then) team at that time used to use Ensim Control Panel (software and a company bought by, which do not exist anymore). RAX decided to start developing its proprietary server management control panel.

Our software development team have built a new control panel called NextColor and started using it into two of our infrastructure service locations in Chicago, US and in Sofia, Bulgaria. At this stage of the hosting control panel development proved to be one of the best server automation solutions, based on out internal testing of all popular control panels. WE have never considered turning the server automation software into a commercial product.

In later 2006 RAX started offering Virtual Private Server hosting services based on OS Virtualization.

2000 - 2004

We have started as Fourth Color (today a web development company) and incorporated a new entity in February 2001. In the first 4 years of our business development RAX (Fourth Color at the time) has been providing web hosting services using leased computing infrastructure and resources. We used servers in the US. In this period of the company's business history, we did not have control over the infrastructure, hardware, and Internet network we used and we were entirely dependent on our infrastructure service providers and on their attitude towards the smaller companies using their services. At this stage of its development RAX was where many of our clients sit today. We have learned how to avoid making the mistakes that our Iaas providers made. This ha always been one of the main reasons RAX to be successful as an Infrastructure service provider.

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