All the customers of RAX (governed by Rax.bg Ltd) agree to the terms as an integral part of any contract for delivery of services which begins automatically once the web subscription form is filled out and submitted electronically. This agreement regulates the relationship between the business customer (you) and the service provider (us). It covers all the services which you, the subscriber, have chosen to initiate and the related charges. Please note that the Service Agreement contains three important components: "Basic Agreement" (General Service Agreement), "Conditions for Use of the Services" (Terms of Service) and “Limits of Use of Services "(Acceptable Use of Policy). This agreement may include additional documents if services purchased require the customer to comply with further conditions.

When we use the terms "agreement" or "agreement of guarantees of the delivery of services" on any of the websites of Rax.bg, in printed documents, electronic mail or other documents or correspondence, this refers to the entire document, not just parts of it. As our customer, you consent to the Service Agreement at the start of each subscription. This agreement starts immediately following the submission of an order form on our website or after signing a contract and is in force until the expiration of the subscription period. Unresolved issues such as missed payments or other controversies of a legal nature may result in a disruption of the agreement. RAX.BG LTD. accepts explicitly that every customer who completed an order form ("Document for Entry into Service") has read the service order agreement, is familiar with its terms, and agrees to abide by them. Rax.bg Ltd. contends that this Agreement is meant to be implemented in the mutual interest of parties to which it applies.

BASIC AGREEMENT (General Service Agreement)

1. How does this Agreement work?

You will be asked to sign a "Procedure for Service" document which RAX will prepare depending on the services which will be provided. The "Procedure for Service" includes all components of the service that you wish to be included and the associated costs. The “Procedure for Service" includes the entire agreement and guarantees of the delivery of services (SLA), which include "Basic Agreement" (General Service Agreement), "Conditions for Use of Services" (Terms of Service) and “Limits on Use of Services” (Acceptable Use of Policy). It may also include additions to the SLA if requested services by the client require Rax.bg Ltd. more conditions. The word "agreement", refers to any of the above mentioned interrelated documents. The agreement shall be enforceable once the "Procedure for Service" document has been issued.

2. Glossary

Conditions of Service (Acceptable Use of Policy): Acceptable Use of Policy are published on our website. They can be reached from the homepage of Rax.bg through link "Service Level Agreement" and in the order form.

Software: Software refers to the operating system (OS) and other programs installed on our servers. As our customer, you have the right to use the software provided by RAX. This software is copyrighted and is the property of Rax.bg Ltd. or other third parties. If we use any software owned by a third party, this will be clearly indicated. If any technical and other support is necessary for software owned by a third party, understand those companies are not bound by this agreement. Furthermore, Rax.bg is not responsible for the software and/or programs produced and/or installed on servers not owned or operated by RAX.bg LLC Please other forms of payment for use. Such relationships are entirely your responsibility and Rax.bg may not be hold liable.

Hardware (Equipment): Servers, virtual servers, or shared space that you use as our customer includes high-quality components. They are 100% owned by Rax.bg and made available for our customers to use, unless a contract explicitly states otherwise. The customer is responsible for the equipment and any loss or damage that may occur while in use. If any of the hardware components of the server fail under normal use conditions, RAX will temporarily remove the parts from use in order to replace or repair the component.

RAX issues a principled commitment to get the server back online within five (5) hours if the damage happens during the regular business hours of 9:00 am (EET) to 5:00 pm (EET) on weekdays. Failure to restore the server within this five hour period will result in a credit for services. The credit amount may not to exceed thirty times the amount of forced interruption. The client is entitled to receive compensation in a form of credit to account or as one service month.

"Emergency break" (Downtime) is the total number of minutes that had interruption service. This price is calculated based on monthly fee any customer pays for use service Rax.bg.

If the customer prefers to obtain a credit, its amount is calculated based on the service plan. The credit cannot exceed the monetary value of one service month. If, for whatever reason, interruption of the services described above, significantly exceed the equivalent of one month’s service, Rax.bg can compensate customers by reducing the monthly fee for additional periods of time.

This part of the General Service Agreement applies exclusively to Dedicated servers and equipment owned by Rax.bg. These terms conditions do not apply to hardware, servers and equipment owned by the customer, which are colocated in RAX data center. Please also note that the standards and deadlines for the restoration of any interrupted service are based on regular weekday business hours. Outside of those hours, it is very possible that the deadline for the restoration of interrupted service could be extended considerably. Because of various circumstances relating to third parties, Rax.bg does not guarantee the time period in which to identify and remedy problems in the hours after 5:00 PM.

Please also note that the internal standardized method which Rax.bg utilizes to identify and repair hardware problems with your server should not take more than two (2) hours. Since this agreement regulates the legal relations between Rax.bg Ltd. and our customers, we aim to be extremely precise in assuaging any problems with service operations and are always looking to provide for the most expedient method of recovery.

Identification of a Failure: This is a process which RAX verifies which component(s) that have caused an interruption of service or any server hardware failure. This process starts from the moment the server or hardware component is uninstalled and ends until the problem has been fixed. The maximum period for this verification is two (3) hours.

Standard business hours: This is the time period between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. This time period refers to the time zone (GMT +2) where RAX servers and other equipment in use is physically located.

Third party software: Please note that the software programs and property of third party that are not installed on Rax.bg servers may require technical and other support from producers or copyright holders. Any additional cost for maintaining software and programs owned by third-parties is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Net (Network): The RAX network is designed to ensure a high level of performance, usability and availability of service. Rax.bg guarantees 99.995% network utilization (virtually 100% uptime). Downtime of the network (Network Downtime) is defined by this agreement as a 100% loss during transmission of data (data packets) from the server(s) of the client, located in a data center and/or RAX network to the nearest internet backbone server. Please keep in mind that network is defined as what Rax.bg owns: the C class IP (Internet Protocol) network of servers utilized by our customers.

100% guarantee (Network Uptime): RAX will reimburse 5% of the monthly fee paid for use of hosting services for every 30 minutes that there is a disruption in the availability of the network (network downtime), the maximum amount of credit hosting account you can reach 100% of the fee paid by you to use services that were not available.

Managed Hosting:: The customers of RAX Managed Hosting services are eligible to receive priority access to special services including technical support which can help resolve any technical problems faster and ensure a higher level of hosting service and the fastest possible service. Using Managed Hosting services is to the advantage of RAX.BG LLC. customers who are then able to use the technical expertise of RAX for any aspect their relationship with the company. It includes tips and advice on choice of hardware, software configurations and comprehensive hosting solutions.

Interruption of service: "Interruption of service" or "Service disruption" includes inability to be use HTTP, POP3, SMTP, FTP, SSL and DNS on the way in which they were configured for our customer.

"Emergency break" (Downtime): This is defined as an interruption of service for at least 10 minutes.

"Forced break" is when the server or servers are not available through standard means of communication in the internet, or trying to reach the RAX network from the nearest internet backbone when the service (equipment) is able, but not functioning.

Response: The services defined above are subject to guarantee; breaks in service will be restored to normal usage within four (4) hours from the identification and validation of the forced interruption by a team member of Rax.bg.

Credit: In a case where there is a forced interruption of service for more than four (4) hours because of problems with the network, rather than hardware, the customer may request to receive financial compensation in a form of credit into account, equal to 25 times the amount of the the actual forced interruption of network availability.

The financial compensation will be applied to customer's account no later than the end of next working month, unless there have been additional circumstances which require technical expertise or other documentation necessary to clarify the situation of forced interruption. Rax.bg may decide to accelerate or slow down the payment of cash compensation if the delay is a result of circumstances which not provided for in this agreement.

Monetary compensation will be paid no later than the end of next working month, unless there have been additional circumstances which require technical expertise or other documentation necessary to clarify the situation of forced interruption. Rax.bg may decide to accelerate or slow down the payment of cash compensation if the delay is a result of circumstances which not provided for in this agreement.

Copies of Data (Backup): RAX customers should understand that maintaining copies of customer data is not part of the service provided by our virtual private servers (VPS), cloud servers (VDS), dedicated servers, or managed servers hosting services, unless this is expressly written into a contract. If the customer does not explicitly record said specification into a contract clause that RAX is not obliged to make a copy of the information stored upon the server and therefore will not take responsibility for any loss of information the customer had stored on servers. RAX customers using servers and managed servers are aware of the fact that they are responsible for having copies of their data outside these servers.

This includes any loss of data due to hardware failure or any other type of system error. In cases of data loss when the customer has no explicit clause for Rax.bg to provide a copy of the information, RAX shall not be liable for any damages that the client suffers as a result of loss of information. To better serve its customers and to minimize risks for any loss of information, Rax.bg offers standard server configurations in which customer information is secured with 2 (two) or more information media (hard drives, HDD).

Document for entry into service (Service Order): This is either a paper document or a submitted web form in which the conditions and standards of the described services and the resulting products utilized are specified. Any service provided must have the necessary “Proof of Commissioning”. This is document which shall be signed by you, or an authorized representative, our customer. In web pages under the Rax.bg for domain "service commissioning" submitted by the client to Rax.bg Ltd. through the Order Form. These forms contain a box "I agree with this agreement and the guarantees of the delivery of services" (the Agreement) which once the document has been completed and submitted, the client has stated compliance with the Agreement.

Disk space (Disc Space): The word "disk space" mean the space of a hosting account physical location of disk arrays on servers Rax.bg Ltd.

Data transfer (Data Transfer/Bandwidth): Data transfer is the total amount of information placed (uploaded or downloaded) into your hosting account or instance (virtual or physical) by an agent who is outside the RAX network. When internet users visit your web pages, your hosting account to your computer sends data to the visitor. This data may include web pages, photos, videos, sound files, software programs, compressed files and anything else you may apply to your webpages and / or may be placed or downloaded from your account. The more visitors you have on your website, the more general transfer of data through your hosting account.

Restrictions (Limitations): Only clients with managed hosting services provided by Rax.bg will be extended the package of guarantees known as the "Managed Hosting Guarantee” as defined in the Agreement. Restrictions and safeguards are in place if service is unavailable and/or there is an involuntary interruption of service due to a problem in the hardware that serves the stability of the network services and other internet components that are outside the RAX network. This includes such components or network services that Rax.bg customers use to get to the internet. Any monitoring systems that are not part of the Agreement or not enrolled in a contractual relationship with RAX cannot be used as a tool for screening nor for used as evidence of the condition of a service. Data retrieved from such monitoring systems cannot be used to evaluate terms of this Agreement or any contract RAX has with a customer.

Guarantees and compensation protected in this Agreement do not apply in any case where there is an attempt to damage or remove non-built components of the Rax.bg network or the customer’s equipment. In the presence of a serious hardware problem, response times to a customer can be increased by one (1) hour, if such time is needed to solve the problem or to identify the fault. Customers are obligated to notify RAX if a third party in anyway attempts to harm the usage of service. Upon notification RAX will send a confirmation of receipt. This includes the acquisition by a third party direct access to the equipment of the customer.

Customer must prepare documentation which affirms the disruption of regular activity of from a third party that comes from at least two (2) different trace routes made up of different and independent points. Any interruption of service (Downtime) will be measured from the time the customer has reported the forced interruption of service to Rax.bg electronically or by phone call, if for some reason the system is not accessible use. The end of the forced interruption of will be measured in time until the point in which the customer may use all its components.

In the presence of an involuntary interruption of service under the procedures of this Agreement, the customer must notify Rax.bg within five (5) working days of such a situation and provide information about it via email or in writing by documents sent by registered mail to the mailing address of Atanas Uzunov Str, No. 18, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1505. If this deadline is not met, the customer loses the right to any compensation recorded in the current agreements.

Any customer who chooses not to use monitoring instruments or limit their usage does so with the understanding that this customer of RAX automatically loses the right to receive the compensation provided for under this Agreement.

3. Obligations Of Rax.bg

Depending on your choices specified in the Agreement and to the extent to which our criteria covers the technology, Rax.bg will create and provide IT hosting services as defined by the standards secured in the Agreement. RAX will also provide a range of additional services and products according to any requirements a customer may have.

RAX will comply with the strict procedures and regulations instituted under the Agreement as it is these parameters which allow us to provide the highest possible quality services to our customers.

According to the types of services you commission and in accordance with the contractual relationship between you and RAX in the Agreement, we will gladly provide you with the technological expertise and assistance with your internet projects.

4. Obligations Of The Client

You, as a customer, have agreed to use the services of RAX and understand the necessary level of security and caution, including the sharing of information and documents with RAX, storing data on the server(s) that you use. Moreover all customers are required to comply with the legislation that governs the applicable content on the servers that are used, and will follow strictly the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of Rax.bg. As our client you are obliged to cooperate with each Rax.bg warranted investigation of a forced interruption of service, security problems, and any other violations of this agreement.

You agree to provide the accurate information to RAX, so that both parties can benefit from correct documentation, including the collection of necessary taxes (VAT) and charges for licenses, etc. You also may need to collaborate with Rax.bg on cases in which law enforcement requires information relating to the contents of the server(s) which you use.

Customers must provide correct and accurate information within the customer profile, including that which relates to financial dealings with Rax.bg Ltd. Customers of RAX will be required to pay all service charges and liabilities arising from using the services of Rax.bg which are clearly described in the “Service Order" form signed by you or activated once you submitted the completed order form electronically.

5. What Does Rax.bg Not Guarantee

RAX does not promise that the service will never be interrupted or delivered without accidents or errors. You, as our customer, acknowledge that there are risks inherent in internet connectivity, which can ultimately lead to loss of confidentiality of data you and the ownership of the content on your servers.

Rax.bg refuses to take specific or comprehensive safeguards on matters which are not described in the Agreement (SLA). Customers are fully responsible for whether or not selected services are suitable for the intended activities and achievements. If you signed a contract that expressly provides for additional services or products at any given time, RAX will provide them based on their presence and specific opportunities at the date of such request.

RAX does not promise, and assumes no obligation to make a copy of your information (Backup), unless such service is not ordered from you and does not appear as part of the services you use and/or is not part of the "Service Order "signed by both parties. We do not promise and are not required to work on the recovery of your lost information that we were not obliged to secure under this Agreement.

6. Unauthorized Access To Your Data

RAX is not responsible for unauthorized access to your data through your account by third parties, unless they are the result of our error or technical failure in securing the services we provide as listed in standards of the Agreement. You are fully responsible for the use of RAX services rendered by your employees and/or others who may have access to your account and servers. Customers will shoulder full responsibility for any eventual damage and interruption of service due to the negligence shown on their side.

7. Period/Subscription

The initial period/subscription begins at the time of signing the "service commissioning" order form. It is indicated as the dates in which RAX begin to provide the service as agreed upon by the customer. Before the expiration of a contract Rax.bg can offer an extension, which may include adding or deleting clauses to the previous agreement. If neither of the two parties requires a renewal of contract with changed conditions, the contract automatically continues as previously stated in the Agreement as a month to month period. In the absence of a signed new contract, the previous agreement governs all relations between the two parties for each subsequent one-month period unless either party sends a written 30-day notice of termination of this relationship.

One (1) year contract apply to all Online Service Orders made through Rax.bg website for Personal and Business Web Hosting service plans (also known as "Shared Hosting"), VPS, Cloud, Dedicated servers and Colocation plans, unless other is specified in a Service Order document and/or contract signed by Rax.bg and the Customer.

8. Fees

All installation charges (setup fees) and any other fees necessary for entering into service must be paid within three (3) working days after signing the "service commissioning" order form. The first monthly payment is due prior to activation. Service fees for each additional month must be paid to RAX within three (3) working days of the monthly due date determined by the actual date of activation. Customers who are part of an automated payment system will be charged on the due date or up to five (5) working days thereafter. If fees result from the use of various additional services or the use of higher quotas for data transfer, etc. those will be charged during the month following that in which the service was used.

All fees must be paid on time. Rax.bg Ltd. reserves the right to terminate service if payment has not been made within five (5) working days after the last period. This termination extends to any other related services the customer may have as well. Customers are responsible for any reactivation fees, if any exist. Late payments will accrue interest charged by RAX. The rate is 1.5 percent per month and is charged for each day on the arrears. For all payments overdue by more than 30 days, in which Rax.bg Ltd. finds it necessary to collect by legal means, the client pays all expenses incurred by the provider for the collection of duties, including expenses for legal fees.

If a bill for services is paid by check or credit card and the bank refuses payment because of insufficient funds Rax.bg Ltd. will require payment of an administrative fee appropriate to the costs of receiving payment.

If the fee the customer pays to RAX.BG LLC is for services on a contract which has expired, RAX reserves the right to increase the fee for the use the services but will not do so without sending the client written notification at least 30 days before the payment due date of the new increase.

If Rax.bg Ltd. becomes required by law to pay any fee or tax, arising from the use of customer service, the customer is obliged to cover costs incurred.


1. Limits Of Use Of Service

Rax.bg Ltd. can change the "limits of use of services to introduce restrictions on the use of services if they become standards in the hosting industry. Any changes in conditions and standards for use of the Services will be enforceable with (a) the renewal of service (b) the implementation of a new contract or additional service to the basic product or service that the customer uses a Rax.bg Ltd. or (c) written notification by RAX sent in advance of 30-day written notice of the change.

If the changes concerning the limits of use of the service make utilization the commissioned service by the customer too unfavorable, the client is entitled to terminate the Agreement (SLA). For this purpose, the customer must send written notice to Rax.bg 30 days before the intended termination date of the Agreement.

RAX will not charge a termination fee with the dissolution of the Agreement (SLA) to provide service if the suspension is requested in accordance with the above agreements. Rax.bg is willing to work with clients to achieve specific “limits of the use of service” and renegotiate if possible depending on the customer’s needs.

2. Termination Of Service

The customer agrees that RAX may terminate the supply of services without any responsibility or liability whatsoever why in the following cases: (a) if it is determined that the client uses the services in violation of the Agreement (SLA);(b) if the client refuses to cooperate with Rax.bg Ltd. for the purpose of conducting necessary investigations into the breach of this Agreement; (c) if an external attack on hosting account or server(s) in which third parties have gained access on a server or account without the customer’s knowledge or other similar event has occurred, and thusly Rax.bg has reason to believe that the termination of service is a necessary measure to protect the network infrastructure and customer RAX; (d) if there is a judicial institution that is authorized or legally entitled to terminate service. In the case of item, with the exception of d, Rax.bg Ltd. shall send notice of termination of service to the customer at least 12 hours prior to the act of termination; unless we determine that the immediate termination is necessary for protecting the interests of Rax.bg Ltd. and other customers of the company.

3. Termination Because Of Violations

The customer may terminate the Agreement with Rax.bg Ltd. if there is a failure to deliver IT hosting service consistent with the standards of the Agreement and the signed contract, if one exists. For this purpose, the customer must send written notice 10 days before the day on in which service is to be cancelled. The notice must describe the specific technical problems that the client had and the administrative failures of Rax.bg ltd. not provided for as stated in the agreement. The customer has the right to unilaterally terminate the use of the service period of 30 days after written notice is sent (by registered mail) to Rax.bg Ltd. LLC and the company did not receive any response.

Rax.bg Ltd. may terminate the service and the agreement if it is found that the information provided by the client in connection with the use of services is incorrect or false, or if the person who signed the Agreement has no power to represent natural or legal person who uses the service, if there is unpaid late fees outstanding five (5) working days past the last date for payment specified in the Agreement or upon written invitation by Rax.bg Ltd. or if the customer fails to comply with any requirements of the Agreement. RAX reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the customer has violated the "limits of use of service” more than once, even if they have taken timely steps to remove the problem.

4. Termination & Cancelation

If granted a month to month contract, the customer may terminate the Agreement by sending written notice of not less than 30 days before the date of service next month. Notice must be sent by registered mail or e-mail as it appears on the website of Rax.bg. The cancellation request must be signed by an authorized person on the account.

If customer is on annual contract, the customer may send a cancelation request to Rax.bg, but it shall be accepted only when the Customer pay all the outstanding month service fees un tile the end of the contract.

5. Fees For Pre-Termination

If the client wants to terminate the Agreement due to concerns which do not have to be disclosed to Rax.bg, before the actual termination of the agreement has ended, the customer must pay RAX all fees for services. In this situation the customer will be responsible for paying the early termination fee and a lump sum payment equal to the remaining monthly fees of the services agreed upon as part of the service plan or other agreement signed.

The Agreement stipulates that the customer will pay a greater fee for early termination of services if such is recorded in a supplementary contract, which regulates the supply of a service in which IT hosting company if Rax.bg Ltd. has made a significant investment in hardware, software, network or other production on behalf of the particular customer who has not complied with the contract terms.

6. Privacy Information

Each of the parties of this Agreement agrees not to disclose confidential information related to bilateral relations, with the exception of such information which is required for delivery of services to protect the rights of each party entered into the Agreement or required to be provided law. Each of the two parties shall not disclose to any third parties confidential information of the other party relating to the following:

(a) will not inform the competitive companies, providers of similar services or third parties on the terms of the relationship under this Agreement

(b) will not to provide information on the other party to enforcement agencies, unless a judicial basis for doing so or if there is reliable evidence that the other party is preparing to make violation of the law

(c) will not to disclose information unless mandated by law

(d) will not provide data for the other party as part of a litigation, unless it is a duty under the law or if has received written consent from the other party seven (7) days prior to the actual disclosure of the information

7. Publicity

With this agreement, RAX.BG LLC has the right to announce publicly what services have been commissioned and can use the domain name of your company in the promotional marketing materials, including press releases or the web site. However, we do not have the right to use your trademark, logo or other materials without your explicit consent given on paper or by electronic mail.

8. Limitation, Damages And Benefits

RAX bears no responsibility or liability to any client for failure to deliver any IT hosting service, unless such a failure has been previously stated in the agreement or if we have violated the terms of the Agreement, and we are negligent in the performance of their duties, or we have intentionally violated the Agreement.

If we have committed misconduct connected with one of the above assumptions, RAX will provide financial compensation recorded in the document commissioning of service (Service Order). This is the maximum compensation which we owe under this Agreement.

RAX (including our employees, agents, partners or suppliers) is not liable for indirect, incidental or any subsequent losses of the client may incur which could have been avoided by the party as a result of adequate action and desire. This is true even if the customer did notify Rax.bg Ltd of such problems or their future probability and damages resulted.

Rax.bg Ltd. is not responsible for any loss of data and information unless the client has specifically ordered and paid at the date of data loss occurs, a service associated with storing backup of the data (back up) by RAX. Customers of Rax.bg Ltd. release them from liability for the loss of data for the period in which data are lost between the periods specified in the Agreement to create a backup of customer data.

If there is a failure of Rax.bg Ltd. to deliver guaranteed services agree upon and we are in violation of these terms, the maximum financial liability and compensation by RAX to its customer will not exceed six (6) monthly service fees. This condition disappears only when it is established purposeful neglect or violation of the client's interests or the safety of the data.

9. Discharge

If you, your partner(s), or any employees, agents or suppliers is being sued by a third party because of negligence or carelessness on the part of Rax.bg Ltd. for targeted action because of the violation of law or failure to secure the agreement of the terms due to our fault, Rax.bg will pay the cost of defending the accused party, including reasonable costs for legal services, and imposed fines, penalties or other direct damages suffered as a result of legal action.

If one of the two parties to this Agreement receives notice of a lawsuit against the other or one associated with bilateral relations, they are obliged to inform as soon as possible the other side. Within one (1) working day, each party is required to consult with the other case, and within five (5) working days to send all the necessary materials and documents related to judicial action.

10. Software

The customer may not remove, modify or hinder the work of software, copyright, trademark or any other exclusive rights held by Rax.bg ltd. and the products and services they use. The customer will be entitled to decompile, modify, and disassemble any software or any part thereof only if expressly permitted by the terms of use of license of open source software. In all other cases the customer is obliged to inform Rax.bg Ltd. of any changes through the messages in Account Profile.

11. Products And Services of Third Parties

It is possible that software products and services of third parties will be used as part of our effort to provide better quality hosting services. Rax.bg Ltd. cannot guarantee that services and software produced by third parties that are not explicitly included in the agreement or contract will work exactly how the customer expects. No commitment to provide support for such standards will be guaranteed nor will RAX accept responsibility for any reliability issues. No guarantee extends also to personal software products and services that the customer uses at their own risk of responsibility.

11. Who Can Use The Service?

As a customer, you can resell RAX services and products and can obtain permission from Rax.bg Ltd. to authorize you to market and resell our services. In this case, you are entirely responsible for them abiding by the terms of the agreement and are responsible for whether they meet the "limits of use of services. RAX only provides technical support to you and is not responsible for third-parties who are granted access to services purchased by Rax.bg Ltd. Any third party is not involved in this Agreement and therefore has no rights or obligations under it. For any unlawful breaches, Rax.bg Ltd. reserves the right to take action against violators, whether or not they are part of this Agreement.

11. Notices And Communications?

Communication with RAX is made possible through a Account Management Profile. All safeguards and standards for information protection are only valid for services carried out in Account Management Profile. If you want to send us a notice of termination of service or other notice which refers to the conditions of the Agreement, this should be done through a ticket opened your Account Profile. You can also send the notice by certified mail to: RAX.BG LLC (RAX or Rax.bg), 18 Atanas Uzunov St., Sofia, Sofia 1505, Bulgaria.

Basic Agreement" (General Service Agreement)

Acceptable Use of Policy (AUP)

Data Privacy Addendum

Privacy Policy



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