Server Systems

  • Supermicro
  • Dell
  • Components

    • Western Digital & Seagate Hard Drives
    • Dell
    • Network Components

      • Jinuper Routers
      • Cloud Router
      • Juniper EX switches
      • Supermicro switches

All hardware systems in use in RAX data center are build of high-quality server edition components. Even our low cost dedicated hosting plans are based on real rack-mountable servers, with server processors, not on desktops!


Hardware Redundancy


All hardware systems used for Shared Hosting, Reseller Accounts, VPS and Cloud (VDS) Servers feature redundant power supply (2 x PDU) and are dual powered through different distribution paths. The whole power system of the RAX data center (3DC) is designed and conditioned to run seamlessly through uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.


Computing equipment and technologies part of our infrastructure:


Blade Serve Technologies

  • Supermicro SuperBlade Enclosures SBE-710Q-D50



  • Supermicro: CSE-813MT-300C, CSE-813MTQ-R400CB, CSE-813T-441CB, CSE-813MTQ-600C, CSE-815TQ-R700U, CSE-825TQ-R720LPB, CSE-825TQ-600LP, CSE-829TQ-R920WB, CSE-826E16-R1200LP, CSE-836E16-R1200, CSE-836E26-R1200B
  • Dell models and systems



  • Intel E3-1200 family CPUs (E3-1220 +)
  • Intel E5 & E7 family processors
  • Intel Xeon 5400 and 5600 series CPUs


Hard Drives & RAID

  • Western Digital: RE3, RE4, RE (SATA) and RE (SAS) HDD
  • Seagate Cheetah, Constelation and Savvio HDD
  • LSI RAID controllers for RAID 1, RAID 10