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What does 95 percentile rule mean?

95th-percentile Rule, burstable billing is one of the methods RAX uses to measure customers' servers bandwidth usage. It is based on on peak use. 95-percentile allows our customers' bandwidth usage to exceed the specified threshold (10 Mbps, 20 mbps... 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps) for short periods of time without any financial impact on the monthly service bill.

95th Percentile Rule
The 95th Percentile standard, that RAX applies to some of its Dedicated server and Colocation hosting plans, allows us to allocate more Internet capacity to our customers than the dedicated Internet access commitment they pay for.
95 Percentile Rule means that RAX ignores the top 5% of bandwidth usage rate, when it calculates the customer's monthly bandwidth usage. At the end of each services month, we sort the bandwdith usage samples from highest to lowest, and throw away the top 5% data (which is equal to approximately to 36 hours of a 30-day billing cycle).

This allows our Colocation, Dedicated hosting, Cloud and VPS customers to burst above the contracted data transfer (bandwidth commitment) rate for a certain period of time, without facing any overage charges. The top 36 hours of peak Internet traffic usage (of total 720 hours per month) is not taken into account when RAX composes the monthly bandwidth usage bill. This means that the RAX customer could use a higher rate than the commitment in the contract for up to 72 minutes per day without any additional financial charges.

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